separator solutions for your applications

Tailor-made separator solutions to power your business

Battery separators for e-mobility, energy storage and high-temperature applications

Ceramic sheet separators from Freudenberg Performance Materials are ideal for a wide variety of large-format battery applications.

separator solutions for your applications


Lithium ion batteries for full electric or hybrid vehicles need to have various properties. They have to guarantee reliability as well as ensuring high-energy density and power capacity. Freudenberg Performance Materials offers Safety Separators for lithium ion batteries that meet these criteria. The ceramic sheet separators offer major safety benefits at cell level compared to conventional membrane-based separator technologies. Combining extraordinary cell performance in fast-charging applications, superior safety and a much greater energy density in the cell, Freudenberg’s lithium ion battery separator is the ideal choice for EV applications like EV Bus, HEV, PHEV and xEV

Energy Storage

Energy storage

We are currently seeing a transition to renewable energy that requires new concepts. Grid stabilization and peak balancing as well as back-up batteries are increasingly important if we want to provide energy from intermittent renewable energy sources. When it comes to energy storage applications one challenge is offering higher density batteries with a long life cycle and service life. Freudenberg lithium ion battery separators enable you to increase the energy density of all common large-format batteries. The separators also ensure an extended life cycle and optimized long-term storage stability of the cells. The improved thermal and mechanical stability of cells with Freudenberg separators means they can be used in small home energy storage systems or large-format container solutions, where the essential factor is safety.

High Temperature Applications

High temperature applications

Ceramic sheet separators from Freudenberg Performance Materials meet all the requirements of batteries for high-temperature applications such as

  • emergency power,
  • control and safety system support,
  • telecommunications or
  • vital systems in oil and gas facilities.
In these sensitive applications, Freudenberg battery separators ensure exceptional cell performance despite the harsh environmental conditions. As they do not shrink or melt and can withstand mechanical impact, the ceramic sheet separators offer major safety benefits.

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