Customized separator solutions for your batteries

Customized separator solutions for your batteries

Suitable for all small and large-format lithium ion cell designs

Cell Production Flexibility

Flexible battery cell design

Thanks to the excellent mechanical properties of our Safety Separators, they are compatible with all common cell designs. They can be processed with different machine models to produce cells with a cylindrical, jelly flat, z-fold or stacked design, for example. The Safety Separators also enhance a complete wetting of large format power cell.

Cell Production Cost Reduction

Cost reductions in production

Their superior thermal properties allow separators by Freudenberg Performance Materials to be dried in the electrode stack and match the drying conditions of your electrodes. This means that the separators can be dried at higher temperatures than conventional membranes, thus reducing drying times during production. In addition, electrolyte impregnation can be completed faster thanks to the polar surface of the ceramic sheet separators.


Customized separator solutions possible

If you use special designs and production methods, then contact us. We can tailor our separator properties to your individual production requirements and cell conditions.

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