High performance for high demands

High performance for high demands

The Safety Separator ensures a long cycle life and reliability under all conditions

Performance Temparature

Excellent high & low temperature performance

Separators by Freudenberg Performance Materials can be used in exceptional operating conditions. The battery separators can tolerate harsh environments like high temperatures and corrosive media without losing any of their excellent properties. This is because the separators do not shrink or melt down below 250°C. In addition they provide excellent chemical stability against different electrolytes, electrode compounds, possible impurities and degradation products resulting from these.

Performance Life Cycle

Extended life cycle for lithium ion batteries

The innovative structure, the thermal and mechanical properties of Freudenberg separators extend the cycle life of a wide range of batteries by:

  • minimizing cell stack humidity
  • permanently wetting the Freudenberg separator with different electrolytes at low temperatures over a long cycle life
  • preventing the collapse of pore structures.

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