Freudenberg – The Safety Separator

Safety Separators by Freudenberg Performance Materials

Thermal and mechanical stability ensure maximum safety in lithium ion batteries

Battery separators by Freudenberg Performance Materials increase intrinsic cell safety for all small and big battery formats. The separators demonstrate exceptional heat and mechanical stability, thus minimizing the consequences of unforeseen circumstances or accidents such as internal short circuits.

The reliable choice in case of internal short circuits

Internal short circuits caused by foreign particles or lithium dendrites are an inherent danger for lithium ion cells. They can result in cell damage, increased self-discharge, capacity loss, or even thermal runaway (worst case scenario).

Freudenberg Safety Separators minimize these effects: the separators are susceptible neither to local heat caused by internal shorts nor to large-scale warming from external sources, as they do not shrink below temperatures of 250°C. Freudenberg separators cannot be penetrated by loose electrode particles or contaminates. As a result, most causes of internal short circuits can be prevented.

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